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Vision Dynamics is an independent Design and Manufacturing company with over 20 years experience of providing electronics and software products for industry. We specialise in several areas: the PCI bus, Image Capture and processing and embedded products.  NEWS We also supply complete turnkey image inspection solutions. Finally, we have links through joint venture projects to academia and the automotive industry.

Our product range includes: MACE, LIBRA and VCG, and third party image processing software Video Pro.

Multi Axis Motion Control card Vision Dynamics are proud to announce the launch of the new MACE card - a 5 axis closed-loop motion controller for DC Servo motors. The MACE card is a 32bit PCI card featuring on-board motor drive stages, as well as the motor control.

Video capture and graphics card

The MACE card comes complete with a Windows Software Development Kit (SDK), sample code and full documentation, allowing you to implement your motion control solution in just a few minutes.
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